Instructions for Presenters

If you are a CONTRIBUTED PAPER PRESENTER, you will have 20 minutes to speak, followed by 9 minutes for questions/discussion.

If you are a PRESENTER IN A SYMPOSIUM OR COGNATE SOCIETY SESSION, the organizer of your session will set its schedule; please consult with them to find out how much time you have been allotted to speak.

duckprofPlease be in the room assigned to your session 10 minutes before the session starts so that you can take care of any last minute details or AV difficulties. Be aware that the conference room will have a projector available for your use, but it will *not* have a computer; you should bring your own computer or arrange to use that of another speaker in the session. Please also bring any adapters that you might need in order to hook up your laptop to the cables for the projector. If you are planning to show videos during your presentation, please be aware that the conference rooms will not have speakers for projecting sound from your computer.

We encourage presenters to use a single laptop throughout the session and to transfer all presentations to it before the session starts in order to avoid delays at transition points. Feel free to be in touch with the other speakers in your session if you’d like to coordinate plans in advance. You can access everyone’s contact information by logging into your meeting account here, going here to search for the speakers in your session, and then clicking on “Request vCard” for each speaker. Be aware that you can contact them in this way only if they have made their profiles public; we encourage you to make your profile public so that others can contact you as well. If you run into difficulties, you can click here to view a user guide for the website. And if you find all those details too annoying, you can just do a google search for everyone’s contact information!

All PSA participants are encouraged to post preprints of their papers on PhilSci-Archive under the designated "[2018] PSA2018: The 26th Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association (Seattle, WA; 1-4 Nov 2018)" conference heading. This provides a chance to share more details of your work despite limited time for presenting it at the meeting. Papers can be easily updated with new drafts and links to published versions at a later date. For instructions, see:

Once posted, all papers will be available under the PSA2018 conference heading, at A PDF Preprint Volume, which includes all of the posted papers in one PDF with a linked table of contents, will also be available for download there before the conference. The PSA2018 section will remain open after the conference, so it will be possible to post or update your paper then as well. Please note that PhilSci-Archive can only accept preprints of papers, not journal-paginated PDFs or slides.

You can see the full program online via the PSA website: If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Kevin Elliott, PSA2018 Program Chair, at, or Jessica Pfeifer, PSA Executive Director, at

Thank you again for contributing to PSA2018. We look forward to seeing you in Seattle!

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