Interest Group Lunches

The Interest Group Lunches for PSA2018 are listed below. NOTE: THE PSA IS NOT SUBSIDIZING THE MEALS, but simply helping to facilitate their organization. Each attendee at the meals will be responsible for paying for her or his own meal.

To sign up for a lunch, log into your account by clicking on the login button in the upper right corner, and then click here. If you need to contact the host for any reason, you can click on their name below after logging into your account on this website.

Thursday, November 1, 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

  • Philosophical Engagement in Public Life

    Hosted by: Rob Wilson

    LocationDaawat Indian Grill & Bar

    The PEiPL network ( was established in November 2017 in Melbourne, Australia with a primary aim of linking together those with philosophical interests in public life. One of PEiPL’s working groups is on "Philosophy and the Sciences," headed by Fiona Fidler. With about 100 members in Australia, we would like to expand the network internationally. This interest lunch will allow those at all career stages doing similar work to share experiences and explore future collaborations.
  • Philosophers and the Statistical Crisis of Replication

    Hosted by: Deborah Mayo

    Location: Daily Grill

    The current statistical crisis of replication in science cries out for philosophical illumination, while offering a superb avenue for philosophers to genuinely impact scientific practice and controversy. This lunch is for those wishing to explore how philosophers of science can heighten their understanding of key methodological debates (Bayes-frequentist methods, significance test controversy, roles of probability in science) to incorporate this new field into their teaching and research. I will treat all attendees.

Friday, November 2, 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm 

  • Philosophy of Psychiatry

    Hosted by: Serife Tekin, Kathryn Tabb

    LocationDaawat Indian Grill & Bar

    There is a growing interest among philosophers of science in topics in philosophy of psychiatry; including, for example, various philosophical questions in the development of the scientific taxonomy of mental disorders, objectivity in psychiatry, problems associated with replication in psychiatry, as well as relationships between psychiatry and other sciences of the mind. We propose an interest group lunch to connect with philosophers who specialize in philosophy of psychiatry. We believe that this will also allow junior scholars to connect with mid-career and senior philosophers in this field, leading perhaps to future research collaborations or mentorship relationships.
  • Philosophy of Medicine

    Hosted by: Jonathan Fuller, David Teira

    LocationDaily Grill 

    Whether you have written thousands of words on medicine or none at all, come and chat informally with others who are interested in the philosophy of medicine, the fastest-growing philosophical field in the Solar System (probably). Hosted by the International Philosophy of Medicine Roundtable.
  • Philosophy of the Geosciences

    Hosted byHernan Bobadilla
    Babette Chabout-CombazTeru Miyake 
    LocationDaawat Indian Grill & Bar  

    What is to do philosophy of the geosciences? There are now three main strands: epistemology of the geosciences (what are the principles of geological knowledge?), ethics of the geosciences (what can we do with earth materials?) and, least studied, phenomenology of the geosciences, which deals with the problem of perception of geological "objects." Is there any geological "nature" and perception of nature? Is philosophy of geology to be "dissolved" into philosophy of environment? Our aim is to gather researchers interested in these topics and establish a collaborative network. 
  • Integrating Philosophy of Science into Science Curricula

    Hosted by: Carrie Figdor, Collin Rice

    LocationDaawat Indian Grill & Bar 

    Many philosophers of science would like to integrate our work into science curricula in a way that goes beyond offering electives to science students. Some scientists agree that their curricula are narrow and that science students would greatly benefit from this integration. A PSA luncheon would be an ideal venue for discussing efforts at curricular integration, including what has been tried and how well (or badly) things have turned out. 
  • Empirical Methods in Philosophy of Science

    Hosted by: Daniel Hicks, Kathryn Plaisance

    LocationDaawat Indian Grill & Bar 

    Over the last decade, philosophers of science have begun to deploy empirical methods first developed in social science and informatics, including surveys, topic modeling, semi-structured interviews, and network analysis. Interest in these methods cuts across various subfields, making it difficult to discover potential collaborators, data sources, and analytical tools. This interest group lunch aims to bring together empirically-minded philosophers to discuss these topics and pointlessly debate text editors.  
  • Joint Caucus for Socially Engaged Philosophers and Historians of Science

    Hosted by: Rob Wilson

    Location: Moon's Kitchen 

    JCSEPHS is interested in bringing together historians and philosophers at all career stages to share experiences in working on social engagement beyond the traditional academy. In addition to the showcase with 10-12 short presentations and at-table small-group discussions we are sponsoring at PSA 2018 on Friday night 7-8.30pm, the lunch is an opportunity for all interested to network. 

Saturday, November 3, 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm 

  • Philosophy of Neuroscience

    Hosted by: Bryce Gessell

    LocationIl Fornaio

    For follow-up on the morning "neural dynamics and cognitive ontology" session, for anyone interested in cognitive and brain sciences.
  • Quantum Theories of Gravity

    Hosted by: Richard Dawid, Nick Huggett

    Location: Yard House 

    Quantum theories of gravity (string theory, loop quantum gravity, etc) represent a frontier of contemporary physics, and raise new epistemological, methodological, interpretational, and ontological questions for philosophy of science. Lunch will be a relaxed opportunity to discuss recent work, and exchange ideas for future directions. Your hosts are Nick Huggett (Illinois at Chicago), Richard Dawid (Stockholm), Sebastian de Haro (Cambridge and Amsterdam), Tushar Menon (Oxford), James Read (Oxford), and Nic Teh (Notre Dame) — please join us.
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